International Poker Awards

International Poker Awards

International Poker has crowned Yann Lelievre, 25, from France as its Online Poker 'World champ after he defeated some of the most excellent online poker gamblers across the earth ( Online Poker Gambling ). For three months, skilled global Poker gamblers competed for the possibility to contribute in the World Challenge Main occasion.

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To qualify, players needed to advance through a series of Poker Leagues, competing first against their fellow countrymen and then against the worlds best international players. The final 56 players advanced to the Main Event. Poker is HOT. While it is illegal to play for money in most places, it is becoming trendy to provide non-monetary awards.

Whether for a friendly friends and family event or for a fee-based contest, we have numerous assortment that are certain to make your poker night a big hit.


16-Inch Pyramid
Confirm to check out our Mini-Pyramid, a brilliant individual reward made in the same style as the Pyramid Trophy! It would be a unbelievable "keeper" award to present to current and/or past victors.

This is a large wooden trophy made to hold a large number of engraved plates. This is the kind of trophy you want for a traveling award to be passed around to each week's champion of your poker night.Fifteen detail plates are included; these are attached with Phillips head screws, making it easy to remove a blank plate to have your next champ's info engraved!

Our Pyramid Trophy features a fire plate holder around the name plate, and a second title plate toward the bottom which can be imprinted with your league's sponsor's name, commissioner's name, or even the name of the cup. The NFL has the "Vince Lombardi Trophy", why not give your association trophy a name?!?

If you really do not need a second title plate, or if you would rather have more detail plates, we can substitute 3 detail plates in place of the lower title plate at no additional cost.

The standup plaque is a 6x8 or 8x10 plaque that stands on a base with a trophy figure. This award it typically customized with a title plate and a number of detail plates, such that it can be used as a "traveling trophy" - where blank plates can be engraved with each season's champ!

Plates are attached with Phillips head screws to make them easy to take out and re-attach.

International Poker

International Poker is the leading online poker room in Europe and part of the International Poker Network. International Poker’s software was developed by Playtech, a public company and leading gaming software developer.

International Poker guarantees more than $10,000,000 in monthly prizes, has nearly 30,000 online players at peak hours, and awards winning players with entries to the major online poker tournaments worldwide. International Poker features special jackpot sit 'n' go tournaments with progressive prizes and jackpots as high as $100,000.

International Poker is exclusively promoted by Euro Partners (, the world’s largest e-gaming affiliate program. For more information about International Poker please visit the International Online Poker Website.

International Poker has crowned Yann Lelievre, 25, from France as its Online Poker 'World Champion after he defeated some of the best online poker players across the globe. For three months, skilled International Poker players competed for the chance to participate in the World Challenge Main Event.

To qualify, players needed to advance through a series of Poker Leagues, competing first against their fellow countrymen and then against the worlds best international poker players. The final 56 players advanced to the Main Event.

Yann Lelievre finished first in the World Challenge Main Event in December, claiming the title of International Poker World Champion and $100,000 in cash. The remaining 55 players received a share of $55,000.

Following his amazing success, Yann said, "Poker is a true passion for me. I started playing poker in 2006 and it was not long before I realized all the passion that poker can provoke. I was so delighted to win the World Challenge Main Event, especially as it was such a close call.

I became International Poker World Champion with a three of a kind - but just before the pot I only had enough for the big blind!" "I intend to continue playing and fulfill some more of my dreams. I'm still very young and I have a lot to learn, but I believe that I am getting closer and improving all the time," continued Yann.

The World Challenge Tournament is just one of many huge cash promotions offered by International Poker. The popular online poker room will stage a $2,000,000 Guaranteed tournament on the 2nd of March.

International Poker also regularly awards its players with seats at the world's most well-known poker tournaments, such as the Aussie Millions in Australia, the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

International Poker Players

The Online Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the most important poker grassroots support group, today commenced its Litigation Support Network. This free associate service will offer basic, preliminary legal advice as well as submit members to a network of attorneys who have expressed interest in serving PPA members with poker-related lawful issues.

“As both the popluarity of poker and the membership of PPA continue to grow, the Litigation Support Network is an opportunity to provide even more value to our members,” said PPA Chairman Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato. “With the myriad local, state and federal laws impacting poker, the Litigation Support Network is an important service that our members can and should use, and I encourage attorneys who want to defend poker players and this great American game of skill to join this effort.” ( Poker Player Web Site )

As poker, both online and offline, carry on to expand in popularity, there has been a rise in the sum of police raids on home, tavern or charity poker competitions. Many of the local and state laws on poker are mysterious and vague, so gamblers don’t necessarily know if they are breaching a law.

PPA’s Litigation Support Network presents PPA members with a free of charge, legal resource should they have questions as they put in order a charity poker competition, start a poker association or, in the worst case scenario, get arrested. In these situations, PPA members can get in touch with the Litigation Support Network via the PPA website and acquire free, beginning legal advice over the phone.

Should they need extra support, they will be given a catalog of attorneys in their area who are eager to take their case. In addition, the network of attorneys will be tapped to help organize PPA in the event the organization needs to litigate that poker is a game of ability, not a game of possibility.

The Litigation Support Network will be spearheaded by Patrick Fleming, an attorney who is also the PPA state director for New Hampshire. “The patchwork of state and local laws relating to poker is leaving PPA members confused about what is legal and what is illegal,” said Fleming.

“In our continuing efforts to protect the rights of Americans to gamble poker, the organization of the Litigation Support Network will supply members with an added level of safety as they have the benefit of the game in their residences, at their local pub or as a way to help a local contributions. I am privileged to be leading this vital effort on behalf of the PPA.”

International Poker Players
As the competition between the leading poker rooms intensifies, new players are being encouraged to sign up at a new room by cash bonuses and freeroll tournaments to big events like WSOP 2008.Most bonuses consist of a 100% match bonus on player's first deposits.

For instance, a gambler deposits $50 and the poker room matches that drop with a additional benefit paid directly into their poker account as the additional benefit requirements are satisfied (usually gambling a certain number of hands or producing a certain amount in 'rake' or tournaments fees). Some rooms, however, have added additional incentives such as entries to tournaments, freerolls or cash bonuses bigger than the original drop.

Players are currently benefiting from the intense competition between leading poker rooms. All players, from the total beginner to the seasoned pro, can take advantage of these offers but many do not even know they exist.The poker rooms obviously do not want to offer these generous bonuses to any 'walk-in' traffic, so release promotional bonus codes for knowledgeable high value players to enter when they first sign up to take advantage of the incentives.

This is the type of player that the poker rooms primarily want to attract and this is also the type of player who already knows to look for a poker bonus code at a website like before signing up at a new room.

I see it as our mission to let all the other players know about and take advantage of these bonuses offered by poker rooms. The three largest poker rooms, Poker stars.

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